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Main Distribution Boards (MDB)

Find out more our unique solutions for which reach the  Rated operating voltage up to 690V.


Medium Voltage Switchgear

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Motor Control Centers (MCC)

Explore our unique solutions in saving the capital and operational costs.


Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)

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Electrical Control Panels

Explore our intelligent solutions in control, monitoring, and management systems.


Sub Main Distribution Boards (SMDB)

Benefit from our experience in all types of industrial processes and applications.


SUB Distribution Boards (SDB)

Find out more the custom designed according to client’s requirements.


Basiia Contacting purpose is to empower all to make the most of our energy and resources, bridging progress and sustainability for all. We believe access to energy and digital is a basic human right. Our generation is facing a tectonic shift in energy transition and industrial revolution catalyzed by accelerated digitization in a more electric world. Electricity is the most efficient and best vector for decarbonization; combined with circular economy approach, we will achieve climate-positive impact as part of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

With years of experience in both Electrical Consulting and Manufacturing of Low-Medium Voltage Switchgear Panels, Distribution Boards Basiia Contracting is fully equipped to handle projects of greater complexity and scale. Our team consists of Professionals and highly trained Engineers who's core focus is Efficient and Effective Engineering Solutions. Our product range consists of Electrical Boards, Motor Control Panels and Electrification Equipment.

In addition to our complete Electrical Board Systems and design offerings such as Single line Diagrams, General Arrangements and Technical Drawings, we offer Loose Supply of equipment for maintenance purposes. This includes Circuit Breakers, Isolators, Earth Leakage units, Switches, Meters and various Din rail products. We has the ability to Design, Assemble, Wire and test Electrical Boards and Distribution Panels of any kind.