​​Engineered and Packaged Equipment

Programmable logic controllers (PLCs)

PLCs are designed to monitor inputs from sources like pressure sensors, temperature sensors, limit switches, auxiliary contacts, and pilot devices.​Basiia Contracting provides the ideal solution for lighting, energy management, industrial control, irrigation, pump control, HVAC and home automation using state-of-the-art PLCs. Whatever your application, the compact and flexible PLCs sets up control systems that are efficient and effortless to implement. After the PLC is installed, changes are easily accomplished through front panel programming, which eliminates the need to change wiring and minimizes downtime. 

SCADA and DCS Systems

With more information remotely available, new supervisory systems were developed to facilitate the task of a system administrator in the control center. A Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and Distributed Control System (DCS) systems can collect information from the whole plant in an electrical and mechanical systems via different methods of communication and then control and monitor them using various visualizing technologies – even automating the supervision task based on predefined parameters and algorithms.​

electrical control panels

HMI Panels

With features that allow you to customize the exact operator interface for your application, HMi is the interface solution you want it to be. HMi models are available in blue mode, grayscale and color screen versions. It’s an interface solution designed to complement your application needs.

Because one application doesn’t fit all, you can scale your applications to any size HMi device in just a few keystrokes— from 4" to 6" to 8" to 10" and back. If you decide to reuse your application on a different screen size, the click of a button adjusts your application to fit. Once you see the features of HMi, you’ll agree it’s the perfect interface device for machines built to different specifications and size requirements.​