​​Engineered and Packaged Equipment

Pilot Units

Visit our product pages to discover solutions for your process. WesTech has many available pilot units to help you evaluate potential solutions for your water treatment challenges.Type your paragraph here.

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Groundwater Treatment

Basiia offers a wide variety of equipment for groundwater treatment for potable use. Whether your treatment objective is gas removal, iron and manganese removal, color removal, softening, or even filtering a source under the direct influence of surface water, Basiia has your solution.

Surface Water Treatment

Basiia also offers a holistic approach to surface water treatment for potable use. Depending upon the raw water quality, flow rate, and operational preferences, WesTech can provide conventional treatment systems, combination treatment units, package plants, high-rate processes, or even customized solutions.

With the iconic General Filter and Microfloc brands under our umbrella, Basiia has the breadth of experience and process capability to provide comprehensive solutions for all water treatment applications, including: Aeration, Flocculation and Clarification, Filtration, Thickening, and Backwash Recovery.

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