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  • Temporary Basin For Storing Liquids - The NOAQ Boxpool is a temporary basin for storing liquids of different kinds. such as clean water, contaminated water, firewater, dredged material etc. It can also be used for temporarily storing dry matter like sawdust, pellets and wood chips. 

  • Fast and Easy To Assemble - The individual ”boxes” are easily snapped together, and by letting the barrier form a closed figure a basin is created. The basin is then covered by a liner. 

  • Flexible Shape and Size - The corner boxes are 30°, which means 12 pieces can be used to build a circular boxpool. 

  • Low Weight and Easy To Use - The NOAQ weigh is only about 15.2 kg each and the barrier not more than 17 kg per meter. This makes it easy to use, and fast to deploy. Two people can build 100 linear metres of NOAQ in an hour. 

  • No Tools Are Needed For Installation - It is based on self-anchoring System.

  • Effective Storage - Can be stored on top of each other in the form of packages.

NOAQ Flood Protection Overview:

Basiia Contracting advanced line of municipal and industrial flow protection equipment includes a wide range of modern technologies to meet your requirements. With precision engineering to meet rigid standards, Basiia Contracting is the official exclusive agent for NOAQ flood protection equipment in MENA region. Basiia Contracting NOAQ flood protection equipment is supported by a reliable engineering staff with extensive experience. This experience aids our customers in creating solutions for today’s complex problems and challenges. 

The NOAQ flood protection is a mobile freestanding flood barrier, intended for temporary use to protect buildings and other objects from flood water. It consists of elements "boxes" that are snapped together to form a protective chain - a box wall. It is self-anchored, as it is automatically stabilized by the weight of the flood water itself. A NOAQ flood protection can also be used to redirect fast flowing water in a flash flood situation. A third application is making a temporary basin - a "NOAQ flood protection".

A NOAQ creates a dam for water up to a height of 50 cm. It is so light that it can quickly be set up to protect buildings and other property against water damage, and also to keep roads open. NOAQ is designed for use on a relatively even surface, such as a paved street, a concrete floor or a lawn. NOAQ is patented in a large number of countries. 


  • Buildings and other objects temporary protection from flood water

  • Temporary Basin

  • Redirection fast flowing water in a flash flood situation

  • Protect property on beaches from tides

  • Protecting buildings and properties near rivers

  • Protect buildings and pedestrian walkways in case of heavy rain


NOAQ consists of sections (boxes) that are linked together by means of a simple manual operation. No tools are needed. For bends and corners there are certain corner boxes. There are also gable units for the finishing of a NOAQ. 

A new straight model BW52 replaces an older model BW50, but the two models are fully com- patible. However, the corner boxes that were developed for the previous model (BW50-IC and BW50-OC) have not been replaced by new ones.